Fashion Bloggers Programme

Blogger Agreement

If you are a fashion blogger who wants to share your style in our outfit in your blog,

You can apply our Fashion Blogger Programme and complete the following steps to get freebies from us, in exchange for your outfit post in your blog, or other approved social media.
Read Fashion Blogger Programme policy and then click "Agree".

By applying to the Fashion Blogger Programme, it is essential for you to agree and acknowledge these terms of agreement. reserves the right to change these terms at any time.

Application and Eligibility

The application is available to fashion bloggers and/or those who owns personal account on fashion platforms including but not limited to:, and etc.

1.You are obligated to

- Put our banner on the home page of your blog and/or your account page of other platforms such as, and etc. and link the banner to the home page of our website.

- Wear and take photos of every apparel received in your posts with Zmori keywords in your post main body and prescriptions below as:" Yellow Punk Rock Lace Up Stiletto High Heels Platform Rider Boots: Zmori" which can be linked to the original product page (Photos of the products only are deemed invalid). This work is suggested to finish within 15 days after receiving our parcel, and you can post them on your blog,, etc.

- Email us to and submit links of posts you publish so that we know how many visits you generate accurately, which will affect the amount of freebies you may get. Remember include your Blogger ID we have given you in your email.

- Provide at least 3 post links from the following platforms: personal blog (this is a must), and at least 2 others from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Chictopia,, Instagram, Youtube and etc.

- Besides requisite outfit posts with items after you received our products, you can make any posts featuring Zmori collection and linking to the website. Remember to submit the post link by emailing to so that we can start to monitor the visits you generate. The amount of freebies you will receive next time depends on the quality of your posts. For example, if your post generates positive feedback your freebies may be renewed or even topped up.

2. is obligated to send you the freebies

- The amount of freebies you can get is mainly based on

a. the friends/fans/followers you have, the votes/hypes or comments of your each post;

b. the quality and quantity of your posts and the number of visitors your post generates;

We will make an alteration to the amount of freebies you can get as needed.

3. We are authorized to use the information of your post in and subsidiary companies.

    We may collect photos of your post and related comments for promotion use, such as, putting them on Facebook, Twitter, Official blog and our website.
    Without the written agreement from, bloggers will not provide the images to third-party for commercial purposes; and without the written agreement from both of And the blogger, any third party is forbidden to use the images for commercial purposes; otherwise will pursue the legal responsibilities of the parties.

4. To get freebies from us, you need to registered in

As our freebies will be given as shop credit. So you can use the credit during check out. The credit balance will cancel out to zero when we fund credit to your account next time. So please make best use of your current credit.

5. The Conditions for Renewing Fashion Blogger Programme Account

- banner is kept on your blog's homepage;

- Wear and take photos for each item you received within 15 days (we will cancel the cooperation if just take photos for the products without wearing);

- Submit at least 3 post links about the received items to;

- Bring at least 60 visits to each cycle,(Data will be provided from Google Analytics), average 2 visits per day.

I Agree.

No, I do not agree and wish to go back to shop.